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Boston Carter
has written a book and has other articles on her website which I found to be amazingly helpful. She explains the four possible patterns, or ways of viewing life. Based on which pattern is mine, I understand how and why I interact with others and make decisions. Thank you, Boston.

After 34 years of experience, I retired from court reporting and wrote a book for interns which can be found at It has practical tips that apply across the board. There is also the ebook and the audio book, along with some hypnosis CDs so check it out.

Press release:
At the Spring Seminar, Court Reporting Students Pass Speed Tests in a Trance

The MBTI is now available here.  Take a 20-minute online assessment.  From the results I will produce an extensive individualized report and use it to teach you about how your mind is “hard-wired”. Your understanding of the results will give you information and strategies for reducing stress and conflict and improving your communication in all of your relationships.  Email me for more infomation. 


Listen to an interview of Kathie Brodie by Dr. Pat, on Alternative Talk Radio KKNW 1150 AM. Kathie talks about social conditioning and how it can produce negative patterning.  She co-taught a class which encouraged everyone to go back and rediscover their true nature, which is often covered up with all the "shoulds" and "don't" that people heap on us.  The class was a wonderful experience by all who attended at a retreat center on Whidbey Island.  Get a 27-minute flavor of Kathie's approach in this free download. 

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