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It Is Right Before Our Eyes, November, 2008: Have you ever wanted to see orbs, either real time or in photos? Have you taken a gazillion photos only to be disappointed? They do exist and can be photographed!

How We Disguise Our Fears, September 2008: I am beginning to understand that our nature isn't such that we immediately think of fear when certain mundane things happen. It always surprises me when I figure it out. It is sort of a slap on the forehead I could have had a V-8 kind of dawning. The other day I had a revelation about a relationship that I’ve never understood.

Rafting The Canyon, July 2008: A white water rafting trip down the Grand Canyon with other metaphysical people was an awesome experience. I am still download and realigning! There were many magical moments and many bonding experiences. After some of the roughest rapids, I had the inclination to really ponder...about life, about what is in store, looking inward rather than outward.

Recapturing Innocence, April, 2008: Get back in touch with that special place deep inside you just for the sure joy of it, just for the wonder and excitement of it, that place where you tuck your memory of what it was like to feel awe, as a child does when it sees a snowflake for the first time.

Tips on Taping for Wellness Providers, New Spirit Journal, July 2008: Do you want to make a CD of your client sessions or do you want to product a commercial grade CD? It is easier than you think if you follow these simple instructions.

Everything Fits Together (Part 1), (Part 2), New Spirit Journal, March, 2007: As I sit I am struck by the realization that the things that happen to us on our journey along “the path” are just gentle nudges to get us where we need to go. Did you ever think about the choices you have made along the way? For instance, why did you take that class 15 years ago? Or the one 10 years ago?Have you had one of those “ah ha” moments when you suddenly realized that the classes fit together like pieces of the same puzzle? Wow, what a moment! And we think we are in control of our thoughts and our destiny!

In The Bowling Alley of Life, October 2008: If you feel like things aren't going right, take a look around you. What is the cause of that feeling? Is it a feeling that you can actually identify and label, or just a vague "this doesn't feel good" feeling?

Hold a Positive Thought, August 2008: I think of myself as a very positive person. It hasn't always been that way, and I can remember when I made a conscious decision to be positive and to find good in things around me. What a difference one little decision can make.

Tips and Traps, June, 2008: Summer is almost here so do yourself a favor and be mindful of what you put in your body. Here are some healthful tips and traps you should know about.

Letting Go — Listening to Messages from the Universe, March 2008: Lots of people are having experiences that, in the big scheme of things, are very similar. The shift is happening. The energy is changing. Relationships, business associates, careers, marriages, goals, attitudes are all changing. Aren't you curious about what is happening.

You Don't Have to Go To The Airport To Lose Your Baggage, Mystic Pop article Sept, 2007: Have you ever noticed that the same patterns keep repeating? You date the same kind of person and expect a different result, or you change jobs and the same problems occur at this new job? This is a Life Lesson waiting to be understood. We all carry imprinting that we simply accept and stuff down inside, then cover up so we don’t have to think about it anymore. There are ways to discover and rescript these past imprints...

Finding Your Guides and Gatekeepers, New Spirit Journal, May, 2007: Some people call them guides, some people call them angels, some people just call them “hits” or “gut reactions.” Whatever the term, it refers to an answer that seems to come from outside you. Where do you think it comes from?Maybe from your Guide and Gatekeeper. Have you ever met your personal Guide and Gatekeeper? You can do it for yourself, it isn't that complicated. Read more to find out how to do it.

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