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My early fascination with Edgar Cayce started me on the path to be a healer back in high school.  My exploration was put on hold for many years until I rediscovered a yearning deep inside, so I studied Reiki and used that for many years.  I was absolutely thrilled because it was the first organized healing modality that I learned. 

Then, after over 10 years I came upon Eric Pearl's The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing, which seemed even better than Reiki.  I trained in that type of healing and I loved what it could do for people.  But I still kept thinking there was something more. 

I was getting closer now that I had at least two choices, but there was still something missing.  Then I was trained in hypnotherapy and saw amazing results and I realized that with even more modalities I could assess the needs of my clients and suggest what I thought would be best for them.  Sometimes I would combine hypnosis and a relaxation visualization with some energy healing treatments.  I still kept feeling like there was more.  Working with a client's subconscious while the client was hypnotized, particularly in changing habits such as smoking and weight management, was even more powerful than just hypnosis alone.  The results in hypnosis were very good, but they were dramatic when I added interaction with the client's subconscious in a session.  Then along came Inverse Wave Therapy and it seemed to incorporate all the good parts of everything I had learned. 

I finally felt like I had arrived!  There is an element of total relaxation in IWT, just as there is in a relaxation hypnosis session.  There is regression and talk therapy, just as there is in hypnosis.   There is gentle hand and foot massage, just as there is in Swedish massage.  There is a listening and analyzing of problems, just as there is in Spiritual Psychology.  IWT incorporates tuning forks and singing bowls to introduce a positive frequency which will balance the negative frequency so the client can rewrite his/her emotional blueprint.  Maybe I had to study all the different modalities before I realized that this IWT is really the whole enchilada, so to speak.

and working together to provide the best service we can.  After all, it is the client that benefits, and doesn't that benefit every one of us?  My client could be your neighbor.


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Kathie Brodie
Certified Hypnotherapist
Inverse Wave Therapy Practitioner
Metaphysician and Lightworker
Level III Certified Reconnective Healer
Reconnective Healer for Pets
Reiki Master

Shoreline, WA
Phone: 206-353-2178

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